unfashion yourself 

Life is not about fashion...Life is about living your DREAM! 

Rich Wygand

What is fashion?

Fashion definition: 1-a popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behavior.2- a manner of doing something.

Why is NOT about fashion?

Life is not about following the mass or trend, Life is about following your dreams, even if they are considered crazy!

Why is a SHOW?

Well life is a show, and it's your SHOW. 

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Optimal Health

The unfashion yourself program designed by Rich Wygand to help individuals achieve optimal health. The truth is with health we can have it all. Achieving optimal health will allow your to: achieve your goals, lose weight, have more fun, have more energy, and enjoy life!  

Goals setting 
The program will help you design your goals in a SMART way

The program will take you to a whole new level or energy and well being, where you won't be a food slave and you will have unlimited energy.

The program will give you an easy to follow exercise program that fits on your schedule and it is FUN!

The method

"You can only change what your are aware of"

Over the years of experiences, courses, books,  trail and error Rich developed a the C.O.R.E method, the method that made him achieve his goals. The method is very simple, effective which it creates the perfect environment for you to achieve your goals.

  1. Change what it's not working
  2. Optimize what is working
  3. Reconnect with yourself
  4. Exceed! 

A dad on a mission

Back in 2003 Rich Wygand found himself depress, overweight and smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day, and he decided to change his life. Rich stop smoking, lost 100 pounds and became a professional athlete finishing 18 ironmans. After his son was born with a rare muscle condition,  Rich went to another set of challenge, and he became a Dad on a mission. His mission? To help as many people achieve optimal health so they can thrive in LIFE and reach their goals. 

Rich is a primal health coach certified, a Reiki Master, and a plant based nutrition certified! 

Why the unfashion yourself program?


Because I have been there and transformed myself! Twice, so I know the struggles. 


The fact that I have been there not only makes it easier to understand but also made me a much more understanding and supportive coach and I  will be there 100%. 


My unfashion search for optimal health has taken me to many experience in life allowing me to create a program that works and is simple! 


Over the last year, we began with Ironman Lake Placid as our ultimate goal. My travel and work schedule has proven to be very difficult some weeks and airplanes are not ideal. However, Rich's calm demeanor and can-do attitude allowed me to relax and be sure that we were on the proper path. However, the universe threw us a curveball which ended me receiving major surgery the same exact weekend as Ironman Lake Placid. We went from Ironman full-time to meditation and walking as recovery and strength-building. Starting over again is never fun and I have yet to actually run, but Rich and his comprehensive approach to health is something that I am forever grateful. Rich, Carol and Luke are daily inspiration to a lot of people and I am humbled to be part of a great team.

Todd Sanders

Rich was paramount in helping me become active and lose weight. After the birth of our first child in January of 2016 I realized that I wanted to be around as long as possible and my current lifestyle needed to change. Rich set me up with a nutritional plan that worked for me and also eased me into a physical regiment. I had tipped the scales at over 300 lbs at one point and was a little bit over 290 lbs when I started working with Rich around late spring/early summer. Over the next few months Rich held me accountable to the diet and exercise plans and I dropped to 255 lbs by the end of the year. I had set a goal to run in my first 5K, a Thanksgiving turkey trot, without stopping. Rich helped me achieve that goal and has helped me set a course to continued health and wellness.

Steve Hamilton

Rich tailors his plan to each individual, guaranteeing carefully calculated results for each athlete. No matter your skill, he will work with you. He answered all my hundreds of questions, which helped me to better understand the journey and do all my workouts to the best of my ability. He's affordable and effective - I highly recommend him. 

Natalya Jones

Unfashion Yourself Plans

21 Days Unfashion Kick off

  • 1 meeting with Rich Wygand
  • Shopping list
  • Goals setting
  • Exercise plan based on your goal
  • Stress management ideas
  • Life time access to unfashion yourself membership 
  • Email support

Remember takes 21 days to start a change but 6 weeks to become a lifestyle

$ 100/one time fee

6 weeks Unfashion Yourself

  • 2 meetings with Rich Wygand
  • Goal setting
  • Workout plan
  • Food list
  • Stress management ideas
  • Life time unfashion yourself membership
  • Email, and text message with Rich Wygand

$ 250/one time fee

Unfashion Endurance Athlete 

Full coached program with training plan, strength and nutrition. Remember that training plan is different than coaching!

  • Triathlon
  • Running
  • Stand up paddle 

$ 250/mo

Get to know more about Rich

A Dad on a mission is a self homemade mini documentary about Rich Wygand. It's a 32 min video and you will get to know Rich on a deeper and more personal level! 

In this video you will get to know why Rich started doing triathlons, why his stop and a bit of his story with his son Luke Wygand. 

The mission has just begun!

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