The power of love

At the Go Luke Wygand Foundation we believe in LOVE!!!


There is a great power in the world, and it's called LOVE! With Love we can do it all. 

After 84 days in the NICU and 40 in the PICU, we saw what LOVE can do, we notice that kids that had their parents close to them had a faster recovery time. At the same time we notice that some parents could not be there due life. 

One of our missions is to share the love with the world. 

Spreading the LOVE

Sharing our story.

We heard many times that Luke can turn on love in people so we want to keep sharing that with the world.

Random act of kindness

We started with the "go Luke Wygand" bracelet sale and we were able to buy a pool for another nemaline myopathy kid to do water therapy and the goal is to do more act of kindness like this one. 

Helping families 

Helping families overcome life challenges either financially of hiring professionals for support.  


Inspiring talks about our journey


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