The goLukeWygand Foundation

Rich Wygand, owner of RW Coaching, creator of the C.O.R.E Method and Luke's father always had this crazy idea to help change the world. For years Rich raced triathlons and on his uniform it was printed the famous Gandhi phrase: "Be the change you wish to see in the world". One day during his meditation sessions he had this thought "Kids are the future, and if you want to make a change it must start from the begging".  Before Luke was Rich had plans to help create awareness a cleaner ocean, however the universe had bigger plans for him.

Luke was born in July 2016 with an unexpected rare genetic condition called nemaline myopathy. The Wygand family journey thru the NICU has been incredible with many many lessons learned. In the NICU Rich saw that the kids that received more love they were able to conquer their challenges a lot easier. This journey lead Rich to create this foundation, where he plans on leaving for his son. 

The goLukeWygand Foundation mission: To promote the POWER OF LOVE! 

Benefits: Kids and everyone in need.

In 2016, we sold a few wristbands and we were able to buy a special pool for a kid with Nemaline Myopathy who could not afford, Water therapy is one of the best therapies for kids with Nemaline Myopathy.

2017 we opened our non-profit organization with the pure purpose to promote THE POWER OF LOVE!

Are you parent or a child in need? Each month we pick one, apply here.