Rather your goal is to run a 5k or a Marathon, our unique coaching approach will make you run faster and more efficient! 

Our Coaching Method

Our coaching method has a unique approach. All our plans include: Nutrition, Training plan and Mindset training all focus on the health of the individual. In order to EXCEED you must be healthy and health incorporates Mind, Body and Soul.

Is our method for you? If you answer yes to any question in our questionnaire our plans will fit you!

What we offer


Coaching is much more than a training plan. With our coaching in constant communication with the athlete with weekly updates, bi weekly training plan uploaded, feedback. .

Training Plans

We believe in customized training plan, because everyone is different. Our training plans are delivered a week after you apply. Minimum of 8 weeks order, this a personalized training plan, but not Coaching! 


Endurance Club is an online base club that gives you access to: Recipes,1 key workout a week (swim, bike, run, SUP and strength), Tips, Forum, Chat, Online events and much more...

Meet The Team

Rich Wygand

I had to break the cycle that was holding me back and that meant I had to work on my mind. I needed a new belief system. I decided to quit my job and follow my dream of being a professional triathlete. I worked on my body and lost 100 pounds. I quit smoking....More 

Fernanda Scalera

Though most athletes that Fernanda competes with started running when they were young (and still are), she has had quite a different path, and is proof that anyone can  become highly respected in their sport at any age with hard work and dedication. Fernanda fell in love with running in 2007, jumping straight to marathons...More


Boston Qualifiers 

Pricing Plans


Monthly Running Coaching includes: Unlimited communication, Training plan (weekly or biweekly uploaded), Feedback, nutrition,  and strength. 

$ 150/mo

Training plans

Personalize training plan delivered in advance, by all means once we get all your info and the training plan will be delivered within a week. Includes nutrition, strength,  and training plan.

$ 20/weekly

Endurance Club

Includes: Recipes,1 key workout a week (swim, bike, run, SUP and strength), Tips, Forum, Chat, Online events and much more...

$ 14.99/mo

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