Rich Wygand

Hi, I am Rich Wygand, the creator of the C.O.R.E method. I have been to major transformation in life: from a 100 pounds overweight, smoker and depress to a professional triathlete and 6% body fat. I also overcame a huge financial disaster, to a point I arrived in Florida with 2 bags and no money, not even a place to sleep.

 With my own personal experiences of 18 ironmans, all the different diets I tried (vegan, raw vegan, paleo, ketogenic and juice fasting) and with my years 13 years of endurance coaching; making over 120 athletes from ground zero to Ironman level, I realized that in order to perform we need to be in balance with our Mind, Body and Soul. With that in mind I went to pursue new horizons, I got certified in Life Coaching and also became a Reiki Master, and that was when I was able to put it all together and the C.O.R.E Method was born.