Rich Wygand-Creator of the C.O.R.E method

Hi, I am Rich Wygand, creator of the C.O.R.E. method.  I am nothing now like I was in 2003  when I was weighing 260 pounds, smoking almost 2 packs of cigarettes a day, and totally unhappy working in a job I didn’t like at all. I had hit rock bottom.

I started to question myself; is this how life is supposed to be? I realized that I needed to change and take charge of my own life. But change to what, and how? I had some limiting beliefs holding me back.

I had to break the cycle that was holding me back and that meant I had to work on my mind. I needed a new belief system. I decided to quit my job and follow my dream of being a professional triathlete. I worked on my body and lost 100 pounds. I quit smoking. I trained to follow my dream and eventually did 18 Ironmans, 16 of them as a professional. I applied what I learned and created a successful endurance coaching business. However I almost came full circle. I had changed my beliefs, and my mind. I had changed my body and I was only 6% body fat.  But I was still not totally happy. I was missing something.

 To find what was missing, I went back to my books, which I call my RW Awareness books. I went deeper this time. I could actually see my life rewinding in front of my own eyes. I gained a bit of weight, but never went back to 260.  I went back to see why I started all this in the first place and I found the missing link: soul. I had focused so much on performance that I had made numerous ego-based decisions. I had set my soul aside. I needed time to reconnect and that is what I did. I began to study Reiki. I went to several life coaching certifications, and went back to see what actually worked and what didn’t, including all the diets that I had tried in the past. I reconnected with my soul.

That deep dive into my past led me to conclude that we have three major influences in our lives: Mind; Body; and Soul. If one of them is out of balance or harmony, performance suffers and you can’t be at 100% in life.

All the transformations I went through in my life, the countless hours training for my 18 Ironman contests, countless hours of meditation, my certifications, and my coaching of over 120 athletes from ground zero to Ironman level, analyzing their strength and weakness I created the C.O.R.E method.






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