Rich Wygand

Head Coach/Owner/Professional Triathlete

History in Sports:

Richard started his sports life at a very young age, starting with skateboarding where he learned how to stand up with 2 years old. At 12 years of age, Richard started playing basketball competitively in Brazil and as part of preparation for basketball, he started to run. He did his first road race at 15. With 17 years of age, Richard stopped basketball and did 2 years of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. After that, Richard took a wrong turn and got really unhealthy. In 2004, in order to get in shape, he started to train with a triathlon doing his first race in August 2004—a half ironman in 5 hours and 41 minutes. Since then he never stopped, and now he trains 30 hours plus a week chasing a Kona spot in the professional field and has completed 17 ironmans, and more than 17 half-ironman

Career as a coach:

Richard studied exercise science in Brazil and he is also a nutrition specialist (eCornell Plant based certified and Primal Certified (in progress)). Richard's first experience with coaching was in 2004 when he became the track and field assistant coach of his professor at Universidade Gama Filho. Also in 2004, Richard joined N-Body team (triathlon and running) as a coach. After that, Richard worked at Training Bible coaching until 2008 when then he founded RW Training. Since then, Richard has helped more than 50 athletes to go from ground zero to ironman, more than 15 Boston qualifiers, 70.3 Championship qualifiers, and more than 150 middle of the pack to age group winners.