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The UNFASHION side of health and fitness, because the FASHION side only gives you a quick fix and not real results. 

Real results

When I became a Dad and I retire from racing professionally triathlon I started to gain weight due to stress. I needed a solution because my family needed me healthy. I tried many programs but they were all the same, countless hours at the gym, fake foods, and fake results. 

I needed a real solution. I needed to be efficient with my time, and get real results. 

That is when THE UNFASHION FITNESS was born. I actually lost 30 pounds with no exercise. 


Health is a balance between MIND, BODY and SOUL. Without this balance you will only have quick fix, and that is what most programs out there offer. My program incorporates all 3 major aspects of life.

We must nourish our Body so our mind can work properly. We are born Fat Burners, yes every kid out there is born a natural fat burner, and in my program we make you a fat burner again. 

When the Body is nourish the Mind will be sharp. That means, no more brain fog and a lot more energy. This way will be more focus and more efficient. 

When I talk about Soul I am talking about your intuition, that little voice in your head. That voice becomes louder when you are in Balance, and that voice is always right! 

Nutrition and movement

The program includes a nutrition plan to so you can become a efficient fat burner. The program also includes a exercise plan. 

Stress management 

The program includes a few stress management tools to help your mind stay fresh.


The program includes a meditation program. Do not worry, is super simple!




This is a 6 weeks one on one coaching Health coaching. Includes 3 meetings, with Richard Wygand, unlimited email communication and lifetime access to our health Club.



This is the full program, and includes all the features but with no one on one.  Email communication included, and lifetime access to the health Club. 



    Monthly membership with recipes, health tips, videos, workout tips, forum and much more. 

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