The Three Major Influences

The Mind

Your mind is where everything happens. It is where you store your values and your beliefs and everything you have experienced or been taught over the years. Some of those values and beliefs will propel you forward in life and others will limit you. They influence your body, your finances, your well-being, your family, your work, your happiness, etc. In short, they influence your LIFE. Your belief system is what drives your behaviors and to change your behaviors you must change your belief system. You should question and change the beliefs that limit you. Seek to unlearn what you have learned that limits you and reinforce what propels you forward to a happy and balanced life.

The Body

This is where your mind and your soul live. It is a vessel or a temple and you should take care of it as such through exercise, good foods, good habits, stress management, etc. Nobody wants to live in a poorly-managed or unclean and disorderly house. The core of your body’s inner strength is at its center. That’s where all the work to keep you healthy and balanced begins. Food is digested, toxins are eliminated, hormones are produced, blood is circulated. Take care of that machine!


The Soul

Some religions call this “the spirit” or “the life giving source”. It is our energy, our higher self, our purpose. You are an integral part of this universe, individual and unique and you are here for a reason. You must reconnect with that purpose to be in harmony.