The Mind

As a professional triathlete for a long time I was focus on my Body and fitness level, but my real performance only started to happen when I was able to overcome my limiting beliefs. Is true that an endurance race is just like our life so once I became aware of those limiting beliefs I not only perform better on race day, but also in my daily life.

How it Works


Identify your Limiting beliefs, values and habits

Your mind is where everything happens. It is where you store your values and your beliefs and everything you have experienced or been taught over the years. Some of those values, beliefs and habits will propel you forward in life and others will limit you. They influence your body, your finances, your well-being, your family, your work, your happiness, etc.

Step 2


Once you identify and become aware of those limiting beliefs, bad habits and value you can start overcoming them. 

Step 3


After step 1 and 2 is conquer is time to start creating changes, and hitting your goals. You will also write your own manifesto!

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