Fernanda Scalera

Though most athletes that Fernanda competes with started running when they were young (and still are), she has had quite a different path, and is proof that anyone can  become highly respected in their sport at any age with hard work and dedication. Fernanda fell in love with running in 2007, jumping straight to marathons. Now, almost eight years later, Fernanda can still run a marathon at the Boston Marathon qualifying pace for an 18 year old male, and her times are only improving. Fernanda’s current PR is at an astounding 3:06:47, and she is on pace to break 3 hours. She has qualified for the highly prestigious Boston Marathon at every race she has run, including setting PR’s and qualifying at Boston itself.

Fernanda became an RRCA certified coach in early 2013, and has also studied the methods of Danny Drier in Chi Running extensively. Having worked coaching local runners for more than five years, she has the perfect balance of motivation and persistence to help any athlete achieve their dream time. As well she has worked with multiple running stores and outlets and knows the running world better than the back of her hand. A master in her craft, Fernanda will truly help you develop a deeper passion for athletics and help you excel in you endeavors.

Contact: fernanda@rwtraining.net

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