Eat like you give a f***

Its not a diet, its eating like you give a f*** about your body!

It's not a diet

Throughout the years I study many diet and experimented with many things when it comes to nutrition. I got certified and plant based diet, paleo diet and keto. I end up losing 100 pounds at first before I became a professional athlete. However, I did not love my body, I was constantly weighting myself and dieting (counting calories). It was annoying.  

After I became a father I gain 50 pounds, and I decided I needed to be healthy for my son. I also wanted to teach him to love his body, and in order to do that, I needed to do it myself. 

So I combine everything I knew into one philosophy which is not a diet, it's literally eating like you give a F*** about your body and planet. I lost the 50 pounds (without exercise), I don't weight myself anymore and I absolutely love my body now. Oh I yeah, I don't count calories. Yes calories matter but when you are in tuned with yourself you don't need to count calories. 

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