On-line Tri CLUB

Our on-line Triathlon club offers a lot of benefits such as:

  • Once a year one on one with the Coach (via skype, phone or in person)
  • One month free online training ( you pick when to start)  
  • One key workout a week applied to your profile, or one group workout.
  •  Access to ask question to a coach (once a month)- Via Email.
  • Discount in races (we are working to get more and more race discounts)
  • Discount in stores (on-line, and local for local members)
  • Discount with our partners/sponsors
  • Be part of a Team, specially on-line with #rwtraining and #rwteamgetthebeaston
  • Ability to do your own personal blog to share experiences
  • Access to videos on-line
  • Access to articles
  • Discount in training camps and clinics
  • Full access to some of the training tips that coach Rich shares with his athletes
  • Great racing tips from our coaches
  • Yummy healthy Recipes 

And much more - for only $180 a year (one time payment)

Join our team here and start learning and enjoying today all the benefits of being a RW Training member!