Carol Wygand

Business Manager/Assistant Coach/Triathlete

Carol started in sports at a really young age, and her first sport was swimming. She learned how to swim, and quickly she wanted to become part of a swim team. After a few years in the swim team, Carol discovered triathlon, and after her first attempt, at age 14, she never stopped. Carol had done regional and national competitions in triathlon, and she specialized in short distance, while she was going to Law School. She raced semi-professionally in Brazil, and won a few state and national races. After finishing college, Carol decided to focus her attention to her professional career, and practiced Law while in Brazil. After moving to United States, Carol’s passion for sports continued, and also for business. Carol started taking care of the business end of RW Training at the early stages of the team, and from day one, she was a great addition to the team because of her almost 15 years of experience in the sports field, and also because of her business knowledge. Adding all together, Carol must have done over 200 triathlons, 2 marathons, and now she is training for the her first Ironman. In the business end, besides her legal background, Carol is also a social media expert, and she helps coach Richard with all business matters related to the team, including assisting clients and partners always thriving to provide the best customer/partner services, and to exceed expectations