There are two ways to join the Team:

1. By joining our coaching program, where you get customized nutrition, training plan and strength. The customized workouts are updated weekly for a better feedback between athletes and coach. Customized Heart rate zones (bike and run), pace (swim and run) and power (bike). Also you have full communication with your coach, and the option of group workouts (for local athletes). Plus also you get all the benefits listed below.

2. By joining our club where you will get access to all benefits listed below. 

      Benefits of Club Members and also to RW Training athletes:

- A 6 week training program for your first Tri (sprint or Olympic)

- Free Visor

- 1 Free workout a week+ Brick*

- Discount in races

- Discount in stores (online and local) 

- Social events*

- Discount at team gear

- Be part of a Team, specially on line with #rwtraining

- Mock Tri (at least 3 a year)*

- Ability to do your own personal blog to share experiences

- Coach or assistant coach present in all workouts*

- Access to videos online

- Access to articles

- Discount at training camps and clinics

- Training tips

- Racing tips

- Recipes 

- Access to ask question to a coach

- And much more

If you want to be part of this awesome International Team, please fill out the RW Training Form, and go to our online Store and purchase your 1 year RW Training club membership.

*Local event (West Palm Beach, Florida)