Quick Fix?

Motivation, October 04, 2017

A quick fix will only postpone the lessons in life and they usually come back stronger.

   Well is true, lately almost everyone is looking for a quick fix. Whatever your goal might be a quick fix is not a solution. Yes they are available however doing a quick fix is not a long term solution, for a simple reason, you did not learn the lesson.

   Caroline Myss, PH.D, put really well in her book "Anatomy of the Spirit": "We often misrepresent God's plan for us and expect life to be comfortable and free of trouble. We measure God's presence in our life by our level of personal comfort; We believe God is here if our prayers are answered. But neither God nor Buddha nor any spiritual leader or tradition guarantees or encourages a pain free life. Spiritual leaders encourage us to grow past and through painful experiences, each of which is a spiritual lesson."

   Life is a lesson and sometimes is hard to see, but the reality is running away from the pain or looking for a quick fix is only going to prevent your growth. A perfect example is how a lobster grow:

“The lobster’s a soft mushy animal that lives inside of a rigid shell. That rigid shell does not expand.

Well, how can the lobster grow? Well, as the lobster grows, that shell becomes very confining, and the lobster feels itself under pressure and uncomfortable. It goes under a rock formation to protect itself from predatory fish, casts off the shell, and produces a new one. Well, eventually, that shell becomes very uncomfortable as it grows. Back under the rocks. The lobster repeats this numerous times.

The stimulus for the lobster to be able to grow is that it feels uncomfortable. Now, if lobsters had doctors, they would never grow because as soon as the lobster feels uncomfortable, goes to the doctor, gets a Valium, gets a Percocet, feels fine, never casts off his shell.

I think that we have to realize that times of stress are also times that are signals for growth, and if we use adversity properly, we can grow through adversity.”


So what to do? Face your pain, go thru the process, learn the lessons, practice self awareness and mindfulness. A quick fix will only postpone the lessons in life and they usually come back stronger. Learning the lessons is one of the key topics on our C.O.R.E method, and we do this thru awareness, mindfulness, meditation, making peace with the past and much more. You can get our C.O.R.E method book on amazon or in our store.

Feel Good,

Rich Wygand