The challenge 

This is how it works

The goal

The goal is to increase by 1 your number of push ups per day until you get to 365 push ups. For example:

Day 1=1 push up

Day 2= 2 push ups

Day 3=3 push ups

So on and so forth! (modified push ups is accepted) 

The challenge is to raise awareness and funds for Nemaline Myopathy research! 

Last year we did the 1 min push up challenge with a great response. 

How it Works


Accept the challenge, it cost 99 cents per week, that is last then 52 dollars per year. It will be all donated to NM research! 

Step 2

Download the program, and join the facebook group!

Step 3

Challenge your friends! In case you get challenged and you don't want we kindly ask for a $20 donation. 

What you get!

You will be healthier
Well, at least stronger!

Access to our membership
We offer tips, recipes, forum and a discussion group!

You will be helping kids and adults with nemaline myopathy! 

With the support group you be motivated to do the challenge. 

Ready for a challenge?

                                                                                                                      Challenge accepted

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