Go Luke Wygand Foundation

The biggest Ironman of our lives

The go Luke Wygand foundation started after Luke was born in July 2016. Luke is the son of two triathletes Richard and Carol. Richard raced professionally for 12 years, and Carol and her entirely family have been doing triathlon for over 20 years. Luke was born with an unexpected genetic disease called Nemaline Myopathy that causes muscle weakness.

After spending 84 days in the NICU and 40 days in the PICU, Richard and Carol saw what the power of LOVE can do. Richard retire from racing to focus on Luke and on the foundation. 

By supporting our Foundation , you are helping families with Physical Disability get:

  • Better mobility such as tools to help the kids experience outdoors.
  • Therapies, because they are not all covered by insurance and makes a huge difference in the kids quality of life.
  • Better nutrition - counseling with a dietitian who is an expert in helping kids to improve their health overall, with smooth but punctual changes in their diets.(We are big advocates of real food).
  • Provide health coaching to family and caregivers of the child affected.

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+1 561 889 5792


(561) 889 5792