Feel Good Challenge Testimonial


Last week I did with some of my athletes a Feel Good Challenge, which consisted on eating just Plant-based RAW food for 7 days straight, where they had me providing to them: 7 raw meals (because of work hours we know how hard it is to find a raw meal around, so it was established that I was going to make for each day their lunch meal), and I also gave them the diet plan with recipes, meal and snack plans, including food substitution.

The main goal of the challenge was, as the name says itself, to feel good and show them how powerful a plant-based raw diet can be for you, affecting positively not just on your athletic performance, but also on your life style, providing you more energy once, for example, you will save a lot of energy not having to digest cooked heavy meals.

Here it is what one of my athletes that did the challenge says about his experience:

“I went into the Raw Challenge with the intensions to find out if eating raw would improve my energy levels and enhance my workouts throughout the week.  Also, I am always looking to increase my knowledge of nutrition and how my body reacts to different foods. The week started with RW explaining the concept of the raw food diet and taking participates through the grocery store showing the different types of raw food.  He laid out an easy to follow guide regarding what to eat for breakfast, snacks and dinner each day and previewed the lunches that he would provide. During the week there was daily communication with RW regarding recipes and to see how I was reacting to the diet.  My workouts improved progressively during the week and so did my mood.   At week’s end I lost 5 lbs. and felt strong and relaxed.  I would recommend this challenge to anyone like me looking for additional knowledge on the subject and someone who wants to find ways to clean up their diet.  I was introduced to new nutritional sources and now have a better understanding of the benefits of raw foods. The lunches were great and best of all very simple to make. Jimmy”

The second edition of the “Feel Good Challenge” is already in the oven, I mean, in the dehydrator (ahah), so contact me if you are interested. Limit spots available!!

Feel ALWAYS Good,


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