Tracy – RW Training Athlete of the Month (February)

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Every month RW Training choose one of it’s athletes to be “the athlete of the month”, basically based on how closely they follow the training plan and the feedback they give me (which I consider really really important, because it is how I can analyze and plan the future plans). On February, Tracy Lehner was nominated the RW Training Athlete of the Month and here it is her testimonial.

Thank you Tracy!!

Feel Good,


“I’m a triathlete, but I’m not exactly sure how this came to be.   It all started with the smallest of goals, complete a 5K.  I enrolled in training with Coach Richard Wygand of RW Training in August 2010.  Within six months, I ran three half marathons and all the distances in between mostly because of the confidence Richard had in me.  In February 2011, I considered training for a sprint triathlon that was in April.  So, off to talk with Richard fully expecting he would prefer I develop my run training more.  His answer was, “you can be ready”.  But, he had a larger goal in mind.  April to October, I completed three sprint triathlons, an indoor triathlon, runs ranging from 5k to 10 miler, and wrapped  up 2011 with the grand finale in November by  completing the Miami Man ½ Iron Distance Triathlon.  I was never a runner and certainly not a swimmer or cyclist which is why these accomplishments are still amazing to me.

The best part of my training is that it’s developed by Richard specifically for me and my level of fitness.  It is not an “all for one” training program.  Without even thinking about it, I was able to easily complete distances never imagined.  If I didn’t have the pictures as evidence, I still would not believe I completed the Miami Man ½ Iron.  The best part of that race is that I followed Richard’s instructions exactly and there were no problems with an easy recovery afterwards.  With RW Training by my side, I embark on 2012 with new goals and challenges.  Looking forward to new PR’s, continuing to improve in training, feeling good and become an example for others – YOU CAN DO IT!

So far in 2012, completed Disney ½ marathon; Ft. Lauderdale A1A ½ marathon (PR’d 2:03:17); Georgia Shamrock N’ Roll 10k (PR’d 56:15), this race was with my best friend’s 11 year old son who wanted to run his first 10k.  He also trained with RW Training and took 2nd in his age group.  2012 races yet to come; FAU triathlon, continued training for triathlons and races throughout May to September.  Also, picking this year’s ½ half iron distance.

So the question remains – how did this happen?  RW TRAINING, that’s how!!

Tracy Lehner

RW Training Triathlete”

In the picture, here it is coach Richard Wygand and his Athlete Tracy Lehner after her first triathlon, FAU 2011.

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