The first thing that people ask me when they first start training it’s: What should I eat?!? With that in mind I have simple tips here for you, those tips maybe be apply to everyday people and not only athletes. There is no secret:

-Eliminate all processed foods. That is the first thing you should do, most processed food have chemicals in order to have a longer shelf life. The longer the shelf life the worst it’s the food for you. Also processed foods means that it went to some type or processing modifying the original food either adding sugar, taking out or added fat (unhealthy fats), and/or added some source of chemical, therefor stay away from that.

-Plant rich. You don’t need to be vegan but adding more fresh vegetables and fruits (mostly berries) into your diet will only help you. Veggies are nutrient dense foods. Having a colorful diet will help your body absorb different nutrients from different sources.

-No FAST FOOD. This is a topic that amaze me, everybody knows that fast food it’s bad for you, yet we see the drive thru line getting bigger and bigger and new McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts, Wendys etc opening every day. No fast food it’s good for you, believe me I used to manage one! I know that one day eating fast food won’t kill you, but the problem now is that fast food became a regular thing and not the “once in a while” food.

-Go organic and local. This is huge, eating local fresh fruits and vegetables helps the local economy, create more jobs, it’s better for the environment but also the food it’s much better for you because it’s FRESHER and it didn’t take 2 weeks to get to the super market. The produce being fresher will have a better taste, and more nutritional value since it was collected on the right time and it was fully grown. When the produce needs to travel miles and miles to get to your plate, that means that the produce was not fully grown when it was collected and does not have the full nutritional value. Always choose organic, I know it’s more expensive but the more we buy and demand organic (vs conventional) the cheaper it will become, it’s simple (a basic economic rule of offer and demand).

-Grass fed. Wild Caught. Pasture Raised. This apply to the rule of organic as well, the more we buy the cheaper becomes. Also by eating meat this way, the animals are in their natural environment, they are healthier (hormone free), and they are humanely raised. There is in fact studies showing that the animal fat from grass fed and pasture raised animals it’s actually healthier and they have a different color.

-Dairy. I am not a big fan of dairy (that’s me) plus a lot of people have a high intolerance for dairy, but if you want to eat, choose dairy from grass fed cows, and pasture raised. Get dairy just like your grandmother used to, the whole thing. Avoid the “fat free” stuff, because to take the fat out it went to some processing. Also there are places that sells raw dairy, specially local farms, and some cheeses as well for example: organic valley have a few raw cheeses.

-Read label. Once you start reading labels you will be amazed with the amount of crap that it’s in certain foods, of course if you follow the first rule you won’t have to read that many labels, but for example: Bacon 2nd ingredient is sugar, did you know that? even turkey bacon! So read the label, there is away to buy bacon without sugar, just read the label.

With all this in mind, we decide to create a RW Training Real Food Day challenge. Every monday the goal it’s to eat just real food, by that means, no processed food, no fast food. Let’s make this viral by using the #rwtrealfoodday. The better you eat the better you feel. The better you feel the better world we can have!

Feel Good,


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Vespa-Product review

Now that I have been using Vespa for over a year, I can do a better review of the product. Vespa it’s a gel type of product that helps your body burn fat as fuel. The body have two fuel tanks: One of them its the glycogen fuel that can store up to 2000 calories (depends of fitness level) and we have the fat tank that you have about 40.000 calories(reference from “The art and science of low carb performance). The big problem its accessing the fat fuel tank. You can access the fat fuel tank with the proper diet and if you add vespa into the game you have unlimited energy.

The biggest issues I have seen as a coach and as an athlete is the fact that almost every athlete get stomach sick during races, they all say “I couldn’t take those gels anymore”. After I started using Vespa properly this issue was gone and I was not “bonking” anymore (training or racing). The reason I said using properly its because you need to change your diet a bit. Just to have an idea, I did my last ironman (with a 30 minute PR on that course) with only 60 calories (yes 60 calories!) an hour ( I used to take 300 to 400 calories per hour).So here its a few benefits that I notice by using vespa:

  • More energy
  • Quicker recovery
  • No stomach issues during races (as long as you use properly)
  • Better hydration (excess use of gels(full of carbs and sugars) will help you dehydrate)
  • Less use of energy gels (I only used a very few on race day) and that saves a lot of money specially training for an ironman
  • Less body fat, better strength to weight ratio
  • Less hunger. This is key for me, cause after a very long races or training sessions I didn’t have to destroy every food that I saw in front of me, and that means better weight race
  • Better focus, since I had no energy crashes or cravings I could focus way better on my workouts
  • No more carbo loading needed
  • No more bonk, you might have to slow down but you won’t bonk to the point that you have to walk

For more information check out Vespa website.

Feel Good,


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Simple Ways to Ride Faster

There are a few simple ways to get faster riding your bike, that you can start doing now.

Here are some of RW Tips for you:

1- Add distance: Increase your mileage, but when comes to increasing mileage you must do it right. That means keeping a low heart rate and work aerobic. The famous zone 2. Remember, unless you are Lance Armstrong you won’t be ride miles and miles at 25+ mph, keep in mind in order to go faster you must go slow.

2-Group ride: Once a week a fast group ride will help you, no more than once a week (unless its group interval training), otherwise you will train too hard and that can lead to over training (under recover) .

3-Pull: After you get a little comfort on your group rides, start moving your way up and start pulling more.

4-Work on your cadence: Doing high cadence training can help you with your form and speed. So start increasing your rpms. In general you should keep 85 to 95 rpms at all times. So add some rides where you use the small ring and go 100+ rpms.

5-When in a group and drafting “it’s too easy” increase your cadence. So when your are drafting and it feels to easy, for example: instead of riding at 87 rpms, ride at 100 rpms, and when it’s your turn to pull go back to your normal cadence.

6-Interval training: This is one of the most important part, add some interval training, specially tempo intervals.

7-Get a oval ring: Using a oval ring will help you eliminate the dead spot, having a smoother form and can help you increase up to 3% on your overall speed with less fatigue. It’s a great investment. Check (RW choice)

Feel Good,


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No excuse=Feel Good

For a lot of people this may not sound good, but the reality is: Everything that happens in your life, bad and good, it’s because of you….Yeah sounds hard, and mean but it’s a reality. And this it’s what I want to talk about in this post, it’s more a motivational post than anything. Most of those things I learned, not only as an athlete but as human as well.

1) Best thing you can do it’s take responsibility, once you do that your life will change 180 degrees (always 180 and not 360, cause 360 you will end up in the same place). Let’s face it, we are our own worst enemy for everything in life. Nobody is here with a mission to make your life miserable, everyone it’s facing their own battle. So take charge of your own life!

2) Get a calender and on today’s date write: The change, set up a plan and follow no matter what. Rain, shine, cold or hot follow your plan. That doesn’t mean you should go out training like a maniac, cause this way you won’t perform the way you want, so you won’t feel good. Be smart, set up a plan that is possible and follow with no excuses. Remember easy training days are easy for a reason. So go easy when you need and hard when you need.

3) Make a commitment with yourself, and honestly, before you react the old way stop and think, is that what I really want? Don’t let your subconscious guide you. For example, have you ever drove somewhere, and it’s so automatic that you don’t even know how you end up there? That is when your subconscious it’s in charge. So in order to change you will need to think (be aware) before you react. It will feel uncomfortable at first but once you do feel and see the changes you will feel really good.

4) Every action has a reaction (3rd law of newton). For me there is good choices and bad choices (not a matter of right or wrong). So good choices will lead you to your goal, bad choices will distance you for your goal. For example, you want to lose weight, and you got hungry and did not plan ahead your food (bad choice), and instead you will go to a place to eat and choose the least of the evils another bad choice that will distance you from your goal. Instead, let’s say you didn’t plan ahead and got hungry, instead of reacting the old way and choosing the least of the evils ( witch it’s a bad excuse, cause bad it’s bad there is no more or less evil) you can go and buy a fruit, to get thru your hunger and plan better next. We live in a world that we make choices all the time and fortunate enough we can always, I mean always have a good choice, you can buy a banana in any 7-11 at any time!!! So honestly there is no excuse! And yes, living of fruit for a few hours of the day won’t kill you or let you depleted, in fact we can go 40 days we just water before your body start eating itself.

5) Make a schedule. There is plenty time on the day to fit all in, trust me! If you make a schedule, and that includes adding recovery time, you will see how much time left you will have. For example, have you notice how much time you loose in front of the TV, or internet looking for useless stuff? Plus most of this useless stuff will make you in a bad mood, bad vibe and negative, so instead of turning on the TV, get a workout in, get family time, cook a healthy meal, sleep earlier, play with the dogs, kids time etc…If you like TV set up a time to watch the shows you want. My personal opinion is that TV is worthless, most news are distorted from the reality, but it does have some funny shows. So if you want set up the time, and turn off when the show end…stick to the plan. No excuse!

6) Be honest with yourself. Set up the goals from your heart, be honest with your goals but make sure they are for you! You don’t need to prove anything for anyone, you only need to prove to YOURSELF, nothing else!

7) Stay in the moment. Honestly let go your pass, and don’t worry about the future, do what you can and have to do now. Let’s be honest, life it’s now, you don’t even know if you will be alive tomorrow! So what are you waiting for?

Like I post on my facebook page yesterday, “life it’s just a ride, and you have to cross the finish line like: It was an awesome freaking ride! If you can’t say that now, rethink your choices and your attitude”. Start now, no excuse. If you do that you will FEEL GOOD!

Feel Good,


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Label? Read it!

A lot of people ask me, is this food good for you? So today I am explaining a simple thing you can (and should) do every time you go shopping or buy a product.

I am a big promoter to eating clean, and healthy, regardless of type of diet you follow. I do suggest high plants and low animal products, but that it’s another story. The main thing you can do to avoid any complications it’s get used to reading labels of what you buy. Get to know the brands, and where they come from. So here are some tips:

1) Forget the front package. This is the key, the front part of every product will try to catch your attention, saying that it’s healthy etc etc, so avoid that, it’s marketing.

2) After avoiding the front package turn the back, and read the ingredients, you want to see whole foods, nothing else. The reason I say that it’s because many of the products look healthy but in the back the first ingredient can be a processed sugar (such as maltodextrin, corn syrup etc) or a chemical. Always look for whole foods ingredients.

3) Get to know the brand. It’s a reality a lot of the preservatives used by the food industries does not have to be claimed on the ingredients list, and yes this it’s even FDA approved. So get to know your brands, and see if they are in any controversy news in the market. We live in the information era, so there is no excuse.

4) Knowing all that make sense to use what I call raw ingredients, by that means, instead of buying a product get the food itself and create own product. That means, put the apron on and get to work. There is plenty of healthy and fast recipes out there!

5) This one follows number 4. Let’s say you don’t have time to prepare anything? Not an issue, fruit its the fastest snack ever and it sells in any 7-11 or any corner. So before hitting the glow in the dark hot dog or chemical lab burrito eat a fruit.

6) When going out choose restaurants that you know and trust. If you don’t know the ingredients, where it came from, or how is made, ask the server. It’s your right to know.

Remember those chemicals, and bad products only exist because there is a demand. So if you get to the habit of asking and demanding good food it won’t have space for the bad stuff. Always look for WHOLE FOOD INGREDIENTS, that is the key for eating clean and healthy.

Feel Good,


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Tips from our sponsor SelectRehab

Hello Everyone! My name is Mae Yahara and I am a physical therapist and owner of Select Rehab in Lake Worth. I am a new sponsor of your training team. A former triathlete, I worked extensively with triathletes, runners, cyclists and swimmers in Northern Virginia before moving to Florida. I hope to provide information which will help you avoid injury during your training. I am also available to consult on any particular problem you may be having. The clinic phone number is 561-296-6202 but feel free to message me on Facebook as well; I am a member of your group.

Listening to your body is imperative when training for a triathlon. Symptoms that you might feel during training could either indicate joint stiffness, muscular tightness, muscle soreness or pain from a previous or existing injury. Stiffness, soreness and tightness are normal symptoms encountered during training, especially in a warm-up.

These symptoms should subside after approximately 10 minutes of an easy warm-up. However, sharp pain or severe tightness that persists during the workout could indicate a serious injury.

If you experience severe tightness or pain which persists during the workout, decrease the intensity, decrease the distance and stretch mid-workout. If your symptoms subside, return to your normal workout the next day and listen to your body during the warm-up and workout.

However, if the symptoms continue, rest from the sport in which the symptoms occurred for approximately 48 hours. Ice the area of concern for 15 minutes every two hours and assess the symptoms. If you feel symptoms at rest, the injured area is still inflamed and the athlete should continue to rest or perform pain-free cross training. If the symptoms persist at rest and last longer than two to four days, the athlete should seek professional advice from a qualified physician or physical therapist.

A physical therapist will examine for the root cause of the symptoms and prescribe specific exercises or treatment to alleviate that root cause. Frequently encountered causes are muscle imbalance in strength and/or flexibility, postural or structural issues.

Stay Healthy!!!

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Develop your inner GPS

Nowadays there is a lot of ways to check training data, such as GPS for pace, Power meter (power on the bike), Heart rate, RPM etc. All those tools are excellent and you should use them, but you must remember, those things can go down or not work. I did several races where my heart rate didn’t catch, and my power meter stop working. For that it’s very important to not completely rely on technology and develop your inner GPS.

My point is, be so tuned with your body that you know what pace, speed, effort, cadence, heart rate % you are without any equipment. Here is a few tricks you can do:

-Train with no watch. Go out some days with no watch just by feel. Start with easy workouts. For example, if you can breath thru your nose the entire time most likely your are in zone 2, your aerobic zone (65 to 75%).

-Use a scale form 1-10 to track your effort:

-Use your watch but cover with electric tape, this way you will still have the data and you can compare with your effort.

-Pick a few small training races and do with no watch.

-Develop your intuition, learn how to listen to your body. That is why I suggest training with no music most of the time.

-Eat clean. Believe or not, a clean nutrition help you have a better feel for your body. A toxic diet will make your “cells” go crazy, therefor making hard to listening to your body or just getting the wrong message. For example: High corn fructose syrup shuts down your sense of fullness, that’s why lots of people overeat.

-Be honest with yourself and feelings. For example: if you went super hard like a 9, be honest. If it feels like a 9 its a 9. Don’t try to say (or show of to your training friends) it was a 7 when in fact was really a 9.

The main reason I say that, it’s deep in the end those things are just a number to give you and idea of effort, but the fact is: every single person who ever broke a record went above and beyond their limits. Another interesting fact on limits is: Nobody knows what the human body is really capable of doing. There is no machine that can track the real human limit.

My best races so far were races that I raced with nothing or with very little “technology”. Our mind and heart (There is a few studies showing that the heart its a thinking muscle) its the most powerful tool we have as humans and it can be your best friend and your worst enemy. For example, imagine you are having your own breaking record day and you look down and see that you are a little above your limit and you back down, after you cross the finish line you think: “I could kept the pace that I was before” I am sure it’s not the best thought after a race. But in order to do that YOU MUST TRAINING and DEVELOP YOUR INNER GPS, and have a little bit of EXPERIENCE. Train with your toys and train without them, compare and see how you feel.

Feel Good,


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Altra Running shoes review

The last 4 weeks I have been running with the Sum3 Altra shoes, so I decided to do a quick review.
My favorite things about them:
-Light weight
-Zero drop therefor that promote a better/natural running form
-Moderate to light cushion
-Great toe box size, allowing you to have a better grip
-Quick entrance, so its good for a fast transition

I put about 90 miles with them already and it’s really comfortable. I just didn’t run without socks yet, but feels like it’s a good shoes to run with no socks.

I also did a video of my review: Altra shoes review


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Interval Training

It’s funny, but a lot of the times when I talk to some athletes about running or cycling interval training they automatically think, speed work. The reality is that you can use interval training for training all body energy systems including stamina, threshold, strength and speed.

There are a few reasons why I like interval training, here a some of them:

1) Better quality workouts. By doing interval training allows you to have better quality workout by keeping a higher intensity, not only for speed work but for tempo intervals as well.

2) Add more volume. Doing what I like to call foundation interval training allows you to add more training volume, for example doing zone 2 intervals you can log more miles rather than just a pure run (specially if you are a beginner), plus it shakes up your training a little bit.

3)Better recovery time. By adding more interval training allows you to stay hydrated and fuel up during your training, therefore your recovery time will be faster since your “tank” wont be too low.



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The last few weeks, I changed my crankset arms size from 175mm to 170mm, and I lot of people asked me why. Riding with a smaller crankset can bring you several benefits, such as:
-For example in my case, I changed a 175mm crank for shorter 170 crank: my pedal end up being 5mm closer to the saddle when it’s at the bottom of the pedal stroke, compared to before. The key benefit is that now when your pedal is at the top of the pedal stroke it is 5mm further away than before, plus your saddle is already 5mm (yes you need to adjust saddle) higher. This gives you 10mm more space between your knees and your upper-body at the top of the pedal stroke. In other words, you can now ride with a more open hip angle, without your knees coming so close to your chest. That will make you ride more open hip angle and you can lower the front end of the bike making more aero and more comfortable.
-Since about 70% of the effort when you are riding its against the wind, having a better aerodynamic will make you faster.
-Riding with a more open hip angle can help you have more power in your pedal stroke.
-Riding with a more open hip angle will benefit you run as well. This is because your hip flexors won’t be so tight and stiff when you start running.
Hope that clarify a little bit of the benefits of a smaller crankset. Of course everybody its different, but regardless of your choice of crank size, get a bike fit, and in case you change make another refit.

Feel Good,

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